Connecting opportunities


Connecting Opportunities

Anphabe is the pioneer consulting firm providing Employer Brand and Happy Workforce solutions.

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"Like 26 letter of the Alphabet create the whole world of languages, 26
good relationships from Anphabe can connect you to the whole world of

Greeting From Thanh Nguyen: “Nobody can be successful by himself”- I am very fortunate to learn this early thanks to many people’s supports for my career and life. In return, I dedicate lots of time and really enjoy connecting people to each other, enriching their lives with useful contacts and information. is my dream coming true – A place where I wholly focus on what I’m good at and passionate about:

Connecting people - Connecting opportunities.

Today, we are proud to be Vietnam largest community for senior professionals and experts with thousands of management members and still growing very fast. Anphabe members frequently meet reputable business leaders; sharing knowledge, getting Big Jobs, acquire important Company information while keeping updated of partners, colleagues and friends.
If you are someone who believe you can be more successful through building good relationships, hence, having more knowledge and opportunities, I invite you to join Anphabe

Along your journey, if you have gained certain experiences that are worth to share, or you have some information that’s worth to pass around, or like me, you love connecting people, I urge you to join Anphabe.

Because “Success shared is success multiplied

Together we can build the most valuable professional career network in Vietnam, for each of us and for all to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Happy Connecting Opportunities!

Chief Opportunity Connector

Thanh Nguyễn is a seasoned marketer with rich experiences managing international brands across South East Asia. Thanh’s Personal Vision is to become “the most efficient opportunity connector” matching millions of professionals in Vietnam with right contacts, right information and right opportunities. Bringing this Vision to life, Thanh found – Vietnam first "Share to Succeed" Community for senior professionals which provide many “Share to Succeed” channels including Discussion, Big Job, Top Headhunt, Company Directory, Business Event, Magazine Column and TV show.

Before Anphabe, Thanh was Founder & CEO of – Vietnam first $1,000+ Executive Job portal with networking functions. Caravat JSC was a subsidiary under Navigos Group – Vietnam leading HR service provider.

Once a month, Thanh Nguyen host her business show “Share To Suceed” on FBNC - Vietnam leading finance and economy channel. She is also a frequent motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator at many reputable business events.

In Anphabe office, Thanh is also called C.E.O – Chief Energy Officer, who responsible to inspire a young and dynamic team with Anphabe vision; to build a fun working environment and energize people to work the extra miles on our Connecting Opportunity Journey...View more

Anphabe's mission is to connect millions of professionals in Vietnam to
their next successes through valuable contacts, useful knowledge and
worthy career opportunities.

Worthy Career
Career with Vietnam Best Company Big Jobs from Top Headhunt

Valuable Contacts
Find colleagues & friends. Join industry networking events

Useful knowledge  
"Share to Succeed" Discussion Learn from reputable leaders & experts


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